We all make mistakes, hiding it would  be impossible. It's s part of our condition and what ultimately makes us humans. I make mistakes every single day and even though I try to work on my, not so nice behaviors, and learn from them on a daily basis, winning the challenge its always complicated.

No matter how big or small, the only I can assure you is that our mistakes are the greatest teachers we will ever find. It took me sometime to understand this notion, but now I can literally see it from the front row with Letizia.

As a mother there are thousands of dangerous situations I would like to protected her from, try to teach her that for what ever reason she shouldn't do it. But also as a mom, I have learned that in order to learn some lessons, she has to  experience them. She has to live, fall, dust her self and stand up again.

Now she is determined to master her climbing skills, she is doing every day, every hour. The furniture, tables and chairs are her training field. Clearly every time I see her, my heart skips a beat, but no matter how hard I try to explain her that its dangerous, the only way she understands it is when she falls.

This days there is at least one bruise on her forehead, and some others in her knees, and I'm always ready with an icepack and creams to apply after every misadventure. I'm m pretty sure that every bump, its more painful for me than for her, but sometimes I wish that all the mistakes she will make, will be as simple to fix.

 Believe me, I have thought of putting helmet and knee pads, but since I know that nobody will support my proposal, I am determined to teach her that every single mistake is a lesson to be learned. I´m convince that if I would have learned that as a child, it would have saved me alot of tears.

 Sure it will be lessons harder than others, there will be others that would not fit our heads, and others that would seem impossible to understand, but the good thing is that we have many years to work on it.