Honestly I do not know how, why or when, things get lost in my house. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that right now, I have 4 of Leti's socks without a pair, 2 of her crocs are gone and her grey leggings are nowhere to be found.

Every morning, I make a mental list of all the things that are missing, and search every corner of the house like crazy person. I ask Leti if she has seen them, I ask Migue and the answer is always  the same: no! I must confess that one of the things that gets on my nerves and makes me hysterical, is losing stuff, and obviously thanks to the universal laws, at least once a day I find myself looking for something.

I promise its not to lack of order, in fact in this house every single thing has a place, even the things that we do not know where to put. My husband, more than I, is  fan of order and Leti is taking his first steps towards the organization world. She knows exactly what to do when she hears me sing "pick it up and put it on its place, because its time to play another game". No matter our efforts to keep everything in place, now that Leti  bigger and more independent  we the chances of things mysteriously disappearing just got higher. But do not think, that I will give up so easily. Im sharing with you the 3 tips that are keeping me sane on these days!

1. Socks exposition: I created the perfect spot to display all my lonely socks, no matter how long it takes me to found  its pair, I keep the hanging there. Because Im sure, you have been in my place when you find the missing sock, and forgot where you put the other.

2. Lost and found: In Lenti´s room there is a box where she can put the “lost” things, that she either forgot where to put or we have not assigned a place for them jet.

3. Pretty please, buy 2: This might sound obvious but most of the time in an attempt to stay in budget or to declutter our homes, we forgot to have a replacement  for the essentials, so go ahead and buy 2 zippy cups and an extra set of spoons. 

I´m dying to know, what is the thing you are always looking for?