If your are anything like me, you haven't done all your Christmas shopping, so I decided to do this mini gift guide for 2+ toddlers, just in case you needed some last minute ideas. We have many of these items ourselves, and a few are on our list his year. Happy shopping!

1.// Toy Kitchen: This is by far one of our favorites toys, the one we have is  from IKEA and literally we brought it back home from Sweeden, since we don't have Ikea in Colombia. I think this toy is great for boys and girls and its a mom´s savior Leti can spent hours playing there. I do recommend to keep the kitchen utensil at a minimum amount, trust me you don't want to have 2 kitchens to clean up.

 2.// Puzzle Trio:Trust me when I say we love this trio puzzle, I think any kind of puzzle will do the trick for Leti, but this one (which I did an Instagram post on) is AMAZING. Each set tell a story and after putting the together, we try to make new stories every time.

 3.// Bicycle baby-chair:I know this is one of those gifts that seems more for us than the kid, but we have dream of having one of those since Leti was born. I know for sure she will enjoy our rides on the weekend even more than does now. I really hope Santa brings it to us this Christmas.

 4.// Electric toy car: This is one of those gifts, my husband and I dreamed about having when  we were children. So this year we got her a red electric car, what we loved about it, is that it has remote control and its not too big. This is probably the most expensive gift of guide, but I´m sure Leti will love it and she can use it until she is 4+.

 5.// Teepee: My parents got Leti a teepee for her birthday this year and let me tell you its quit a hit. Its our official reading spot and we even put some lights on it to make it extra spacial. It goes perfect with Leti´s bedroom decor and its big enough that  the three of us can fit in it.

 6.// Bike: This was the gift  dad and  I got Leti for her birthday this year. I do recommend you take note of your  child´s actual high, since the bike we bought for Leti was a too big for her and we ended uo waiting a couple of week before she coul ride it. She loves her bike and helmet, so I´m sure it will be a perfect Christmas present.