Every time I sit in front of my computer to write, I tried to open my heart and share with other women and mother a small piece of my life. I try to teach everything I have learn in this journey called motherhood, I look for comfort in the hard times, but above all I want to iradiate a bit of light to this world. If I am completely honest with you, I think it would be selfish not to share it, when 2 years and 38 weeks ago, the sun lives in my house. So today, I sit down to write thinking in only one reader, in you mi baby Leti.

When your are older and can read this words, I hope you feel the love and tender I put in them as I wrote them. Even thought you can't realized it yet, you changed our lives and its not completely wrong to say, that before you, life wasn't really life. Daddy and I are completely sure, that every bump in the road, every lesson learned and every single moment, had only one purpose: you.

Your life is a white canvas, one that you are starting to paint with your tiny hands. Mom and dad, for now, we are in charge of giving you the best tools and materials, so you can make a master piece and thats why we give the best of us every day. Since the moment we wake up, until the second we go to bed, you are in our thoughts. We truly worked every day in becoming better persons, in learning new things, making our wrongs right and improving the things we do good. Because you deserve our better version, you deserve every drop of sweat and every sleepless night.

Every day we thank God, for your life, for your pure and generous heart, for your health and your smile that illuminates our lives. We are not exaggerating when we say that not even in our wildest dreams, we could imagine how happy you would make us, we couldn't never predicted how our hearts will grow and how all of our hopes will become a reality in the form of a golden hair girl.

Watching you grow up, sharing every day by your side its a privilege, we don't deserve. The feelings and emotions are mixed up inside our hearts, we feel proud and satisfied and fearful and nostalgic at the same time. We never thought time will pass so fast, its hard to believe that the tiny baby girl who used to sleep in daddy arms is now in pre-school. I get tears in my eyes thinking that one day, sooner than later, you will rather spend time with your friends rather than mom. But we know it would be just one more lesson, of the many you came to teach us.

Above all the thing you have teached us baby girl, your unconditional love it the greatest. Your love that is always forgiving, that looks at us with hope, your love that despite our mistakes, never judge us or gets disappointed. You are the biggest gift we have ever received, the sweetest and the closest to heaven. You are our happiness and for that we are forever grateful. You know we will always be by your side, that there is nothing you can't tell us, our hands will always be there to lift you up and will be there always clapping and celebrating your accomplishments.


Happy birthday light of our life, we love you infinite.


Mom and Dad.