These days for most doubts, problems and worries that a mom may encounter in the road, there is a theory or a product that solves it. As I always say, every child and every family its a universe and whatmight be the dumbest idea for one, for other it can be the most sacred rule. Today I want to talk you about a produces that generates that kind of situations, some love it and others simply hate it. But before I begin to tell you about our experience with it, I want to answer some questions I get asked all the time.

What is the white sound? Technically white sound is a mix of many sounds with different frequencies and this very characteristic is what allows it to block other sounds. 

How does it work? This part is kind of tricky to explain, so I´m gonna use an example. Whenever 2 people talk to you at the same time, your brain has to focus on one of the, and left the other "unattended". Now imagine that white noice, it doesn't have to be the sound produce by this machine, the vacuum cleaner, the kitchen extractor, a fan or even the washing machine, its like 1.000 people talking to you at the same time. Inevitably, every time someone´s voice or a noice faces with white sound, our brain is incapable of perceive it. This happens every time no matter how old you are. 

Why does it work when we are sleep? Everyone experiences sleep cycles, no one in the world sleeps all night without waking up. That moment when you adjust in your bed or when you flip your pillow, thats what experts know as sleep cycle connections. As we grow older we learn to connect sleep cycles unconsciously and it becomes almost imperceptible. But if that lucid second, you hear an extrange noice or voices outside your bedroom, I am sure that  you would wake up. So without any possible sounds that can stimulated you during these connections, its more likely they will go smoothly.

Now it is time for our story with white sound. In the building we live in, there are more than 130 apartments, which means that there is always someone making noises. Like it happens in every home, Leti´s sleep is sacred, so when is  sleeping we try our best not to make any noice, but we cannot control what happens outside our doors. At first we tried relaxing music but every time some neighbor opened a door, someone walked near by or a dog barked Leti woke up. So I begun my research and I found white sound and let me tell you, it was love at first sight, at first we used an app, but when we realized how effective it was we decided to buy the Lectrofan Jr. 

This wonder, has 10 different kinds of noice white, pink and brown, 10 lullaby songs and a timer. Its only  super lightweight, which its an important feature for us, since we take it everywhere when we travel, and its so easy to use that Leti is the one who turns it on every night. What we liked most, is that unlike other machines on the market, it doesn't have any kind of proyector or lights, since Leti is used to sleep on her pitch black room. We have used it for more than a year and we have had zero problems with it. It works all night long and we absolutely love it.

I want to set the record straight, Leti can sleep without it just fine, honestly we have been super lucky with her sleeping habits since she was a baby. But what I know as a fact is that when we don't used it, our daily life chores can not be done, we must reduce/eliminate every noice. Lets be honest, when you are a mom, nap or sleep time is the time when we tackle that to do list, when we watch tv, talk and have grown up life. Without our Lectrofan, we would have to move, like we are disabling g a bomb all the time. I can not describe how effective it is, earlier this year we used it on my dad´s birthday party, that Im gonna describe as a bit noisy, and I promise Leti didn't even noticed we were outside the room, partying like rockstars.

So if you have some issues with noice at home or if your child is a light sleeper, I will really recomend you give white sound a try. You could try the app first, if you aren't so sure about it, If you want me to, I can give you the name od the ones we used. If anyone decid to try it, please tell me all about it, I want to know your experience as well.