Leti´s second birthday is around the corner, and the lessons we have learned during the past 24 months have been infinite and valuable. We all asume that from the second we become parents, we will be doing most of the teaching, but what we take more time to comprehend is that our kids are big teachers.


Having Leti has completely changes us, being a parent is a process of constant adjustment and introspection. She is a sponge, almost literally. Everything she sees or hears, she copies. And clearly because I am the one who spends most time with her I´m her role model, her leading example. My heart melts whenever  I see her doing some of my gestures or when she behaves just like daddy, but its also a reminder of how big is our responsibility with her. 


As the years go by, it becomes harder to change old routines and fight bad habits, but it doesn't mean its impossible. Before I became a mom, working on my self was a good purpose, but since Leti was born I´m convinced its my obligation to do it. Improve my self every day, be abetter person and work on the many, many flaws I have, simply because I don't want her to learns them from me.



Last week during breakfast, Leti offered me some of the papaya she was eating. My instincts said: No thanks! (I hate that fruit) but my wish to became a better example for her opened my mouth. I ate it and said: delicious! And as I continued to watch her devouring her papaya, my determination was reaffirmed, in that exact and simple moment. 


Off course not everything is as simple as eating a piece of fruit and I don’t  claim victory always. More than once Leti has caught me on action, for example I used to sit on on the coffee table, I used to do it on my in-laws and in my sister house, where I feel in confidence. 


Leti feels right at home every where, so she didn't have any problem to seat on a glass coffee table at one of my friends house. The second I saw her I ran and told her: Baby we don’t seat on coffee tables, and as she invited me to join the party, she answered: Mom does. I almost die!


There are many thing to work on, some bigger than others,  but for now I´m focused on being more constant; live the present, have a healthier lifestyle and being more positive. I hasn't been easy, but every time I feel like giving up I think that my biggest inspiration: my family, deserves my better version.