We are back with our favorite product! We change a bit the format, from Instgram post to blog post, to give you a full review and share our full experience. This week, I want to talk you about the GB Pocket Stroller, I´m pretty sure you all have seen the video of the magical stroller that folds enough to fit in a small bag, if you haven't, this is the link.

When I first saw the video I thought, this seems to good to be true. Can it be that easy? Would it be strong enough? When could I buy it in Colombia? and finally: Why is it so expensive? Any way since I wasn't looking for a stroller at the time, I didn't dig  deeper. Until one day at the shopping mall I saw it, staring at me from a window. I was with my husband and we couldn't resist the temptation, we went in ask a million questions, folded it and unfolded it a couple of times and finally we decided not to buy it.

Let me be honest with you, it wasn't cheap, in Colombia de selling price is $1.200.000 Colombian pesos, so we are talking about 400 dollars which seemed to much for a small stroller. So instead of taking out my wallet I decided to take my phone first. I got online and I read all the reviews I could find, and discovered  that people actually loved it, however I found something that I loved even more, the selling price in the US: 179 dollars. So proud of my gut that day! Despite that the logistics were a bit more complicated, we manage to buy it, and here we are 4 months latter. It is the only stroller we brought to our Europe adventures and so far, so good.


What I love about it, that it is so convenient. I had a harder time than my husband learning how to open it, but it really is as simple as the video shows. We haven't put it on a small bag,but we are 100% sure that it fits perfectly on an airplane head compartment. It even passed the test of the low-price airlines, you know the metallic thing, where they make you measure your luggage before departure. Even thought we haven't had any real problems with to, honestly it feels a bit unstable specially specially if I compare it with our Mamas & Papas Urbo2.

The handles are small and when we are using it on the grass or any uneven road I honestly feel it might break, but up until now it has survive all of our adventures. The one we got, just have one sitting position, (I know there e is another version with ajustable seating options) so it will only work on babies older than 6 months, which brings me to topic number 2, comfort. The angle of the seatback is wide enough, so than a baby can sleep comfortably on it, the harness system works perfectly preventing the baby from bending while asleep.

One thing we have noticed is that because Leti knows it is a much smaller stroller, she feels more free to move when sitting there. Its easy to clean and I really liked how the front wheels can be locked to give more stability. Now if you use a big diaper bag and you are used to put it on the stroller, chances are that the second your baby stands up, its gonna flip, remember that is a super light stroller (4.5kg). I have to confess that one day, we were shopping in Brighton and I was tired so I started putting the bags on it and it totally flipped, with Leti sitting in it. Thank God the bags worked as airbag and   we ended up laughing our heads off. The space under it, a little "basket" is really small, it would fit a jacket and a small toy at its best and off course you'll have to take everything out before folding it.

In general I do think is good stroller, but it has a mayor flaw. The sun-shade doesn't work AT ALL. It is super short and its basically useless unless is noon and you have the sun right on top of you and your baby is sitting absolutely still. Leti hates the sun in her face and most of the times we got out she ended crying because of that. I do know its called a sun-shade but it wouldn't hurt any body if it worked for the rain also and let me tell you it doesn't, it barely covers her head. But since, for sure I´m not the only one complaining about it, they sell a complementary sun-shade. We choose a different option, the umbrella (which I´ll review in other post) and the well known plastic cover.

The Pocket strollers greatly fulfills it purpose: its lightweight, practical and easy to fold. Generally I recommend it. Specially if you and your family like to travel, I would say buy it without a doubt, but keep in mind that, first its possible that you might have to buy some extra accessories and that if you are used to a bigger stroller, this one  won't replace it. We really liked this stroller but we loved the first one we bought.