In the past 3 months Leti has been on a plane more than 5 times, some flights were longer than others, but each one of them was a complete challenge. I can not tell you what a torture is, for an almost 2 years old toddler, to sit still for more than an hour on mom's lap. Thankfully some of our recent flights were perfectly timed with her nap and this is the dream scenario, until I got a arm cramp or the guy sitting next to us had to go to the toilet.

We have traveled in all the seats, trying to figure out what was the best choice for Leti. The aisle works wonders when we need to change the diaper frequently or when we have connection flights. If there is not any turbulence Leti might even take a walk, to give those chubby legs a stretch. But in this seat there is a higher chance that someone passing through might wake her up and I personally found it hard to get comfortable.

So we rather take the window, first of all because it is the perfect spot for some of the activities on our airplane kit and because somehow I feel there is more space for the both of us. We have used this kit, on all of the flights we have taken and I swear its been a lifesaver ! Yes, I'm aware that most of the airplanes have screens with tons of movies and games, but those things have never kept Leti entertained for more than 20 minutes, much less on a transatlantic flight. So I got creative and here is what I came up with, a kit that's always on Leti's diaper bag and hand luggage.

1. Books: When I first made the kit, I packed 2 books: Masha and the bear that is a regular paper pages book and other that have thicker pages almost cardboard. Let me tell you that the regular book didn't got to our destination unharmed, the edges were folded, we have a minor juice splash and it got all wrinkled and that's when I realized: that book wasn't made for traveling. So I do recommend to use stronger books or even fabric ones if you have them. 

2. Gel flowers and butterflies: Leti got these ones a wile ago and we have them on her bathroom's mirror, but they actually worked wonderfully on any surface, they stick easily on the airplanes window or in the table. As you know this gels tend to get a bit dry if they are not kept properly, so I was put them on a baking paper sheet and then in a small ziplock bag. Of all the thing I put in the kit, this was by far Letizia's favorite. Be sure not to fold any piece while you are packing them, because they will get harder to stick, and you will be doing ninja moves to grab them from under the chair. (This was totally me.)


3. Color pencils and paper: The dynamic duo strikes again! Whenever we are at home, Leti uses more crayons than actual coloring pencils, but the problem with crayons is that they "work" everywhere, including mom's shirt, airplane seats, the window or even the man sitting next to us. So I'm packing pencils only. Other trick I found helpful was clear tape to secure the paper on the table, assuring Leti wouldn't go Picasso on anything else but her paper. If you choose a pencil box that includes a sharpener you might want to take it off before you packed, in some airports those tiny blades are prohibited. FOTO AQUI REVISAR DESDE AQUI!!!1 4. Stickers: This is an activity we discovered recently with Leti, we literally put stickers in every visible part of our bodies: hands, chicks, feets and forehead are her favorite spots. You can also put the on a paper and involved them in your coloring activity, but I must warned you, the chances that their gonna end up were it shouldn't are high, so be sure to avoid paper stickers which are harder to peal off. FOTO AQUI 5. iPhone or iPad: These are definitely not my favorite options but I have to include them on the list. When all the activities fail and she is feeling a bit overwhelmed, mom takes out the gear. Be sure that you have all the videos and games fully downloaded and updated. We use Netflix to watch Masha and the bear and Spirit and we downloaded them from there but some times they expire, and if there is no wifi we are fried. The only game we use is called Ocean and it has some puzzles and fun facts about, well the ocean. FOTO AQUI! The last step for this kit is to put everything on a ziplock bag, that way you can have easy access to it, they are kept save from any spills (learn that one the hard way) and is super practical when you go through airport security checks. I hope you give this a try on your next flight!