One of our goals for this month is to extend Leti´s vocabulary, that's why I have chosen this activity, thats actually pretty simple but a fun way to recognize the shapes and lear their names. Planning this activity won't take more than 30 minutes and im sure we all have most of the supplies at home. I decided to do this cards instead of buying them for 2 reasons. First I love doing things like this for Leti, I feel its another way to show her my love and the second reason is that I couldn't find any cards with texture, all they ave was simple printed ones, and if your child is anything like mine, colors and textures have to be present in any activity.

I planed this activity in 2 parts, the first one is identifying the shapes, so basically you just ask where is the circle? where is the star? they can answer by pointing or grabbing the card. Ones you´ve master this part you can start with the names. You will need your finest enunciation. Generally I don't "force" Leti to do a particular activity, I´ll explain to her how it works and ill put them, in this case the cards, on a small container on the floor where she can hace easy access to it, when ever she feels like it, using the toys by herself without any guidance is a key part of natural learning. However with this activity I was a little more hands-in, because even though having fun is important, mastering her communication skills is on top of our priority list.

So here is what you´ll need:

1. Carton. I used a shoe box but a cereal box will do the torch just as well.
2. Plastic beads.
3. Fabric ribbon
4. Toothpicks
5. Clay
6. Craft string
7. Foam  or wrapping paper
You will need also a pair of scissors, a ruler, pencil, marker and a glue gun.

I´ve made 6 squared shaped cards, for us 6 is the perfect number, I have noticed that working with smaller group of words makes the learning process more effective with Leti, other option is making more and the rotate them, I decided to go with 6 and maybe later I´ll do some more. Now about the size of the cards, mine are 5x5 cm because I want to bring them with us and this size is totally diaper bag friendly, I´ve seen bigger cards and they worked just as well. Once I´ve cut the cards, I´ve  label them, using both their names in English and Spanish, so shel get familiarize with both languages.

The next step is to draw the shapes, I did it first with pencil and then with a black marker to enhance the edges, afterwards  I decorated them. I tried to use bright colors and different textures to add a little extra fun. Quick tip about the play-dough shape, you could put a coat of mod podge so its harder to peal off and a bit shinier. Personally I decided skiped this step and Leti really enjoyed peeling and putting on the clay, but I do have to say it gets messy. I hope you give this activity  a try and don't forget to let me know what you think about it!