As a child, writing was one of the things I enjoyed the most. I used to write stories, lists and I even took the time to write a complete report on all the “terrible things” my sister did, so I could tell my parents the minute they got home.

My grandmother, dreamed that someday I would be a writter, and I like to think that in a different way that she might expected, her dream came true. I haven't written a book, just yet. I´m not a best seller author neither, but in this place, my blog, I started my path. I was full of expectations and fears, I wrote 65 posts or “notes to my self”. I wrote about almost anything that crossed my mind. I left the door to my life and my head open, to those of you who took the time to read (me).

Its been 4 years since that first post, there been tons of baches, crisis and inspiring moments. Honestly I don't know how many hours have I dedicated to this project, all the love and care I put into every post, video and pictures a took. I cant express how much all of your comments and support has meant for me. 

Today is the end of a important  chapter in my life. Miss Notas Mentales (Note to my self) has officially become My Nest Life. New name, new image, new contents but the same love. Now I can proudly present you, the evolution of my hard work. We´re not a small blog anymore, we are a site dedicated 100% to the adventure of motherhood. I have always liked the idea that my house, my home is a nest. The place where everything starts and ends. The nest where my family is growing, the place were we learn, create, love, laugh and cry. As usual I will share with you all my ideas, thoughts and all of Leti´s adventures, all my life in the nest.

There will be tons of new projects, videos, DIY and post for you guys. Because as my baby girl, this site will grow and change for the better everyday. I´m so exited to say (or write): Welcome to My Nest Life.